Sunday, May 18, 2008


that's what i thought as i walked out of the salon (if you could call it that) with the worst hair cut EVER! wait i've actually had a lot of bad ones.

one time in high school i went and asked for, "a few whispy bangs" (trust me it was cool then) and ended up with literally a few bangs that were so short they stuck straight up! i had to sit in my desk with my hand covering my forehead to hold them down.

one time in atlanta i knew a girl with a cute cut so i went to her girl. my hair was so short when i left that when i went to work dressed in a skirt and boots at the outback, one of the customers approached the manager and told him that a man had just walked into the girls bathroom. (it was me checking to see if it was clean).

how about the time i needed my hair dyed back to it's natrual color in huntsville and i sat in the chair forever and at the end when the lady was drying my hair she confessed what she had done. she said,"i went ahead and made your hair lighter then your natural color, your natural color just really washes you out." UGHHHHHHH!

then right before i had riley i went in to get my hair cut. i asked for a fun cut that was shorter then what i had, easy enough i thought. after the cut the girl,who i knew and trusted turned me around and said, "i gave you a mom hair cut this time, you can come back for something fun when after you've had her and she's not so much work."

i've stopped using my words when i go somewhere for the first time, stopped using their imagination and started sticking with the pictures that i find to tell exactly what i want. you know how you have those hot days? those days where you feel hot, like look good hot, yeah well it had been about a year since the last, "hot day" and peyton was pulling on my hair all the time and it was falling out everywhere. i couldn't take it anymore so i decided that with a new cut i would feel a thousand times better. i took in my picture told the owner of snippits that i wanted this hair cut and a little trim on my very long bangs because i wanted to grow them out but had been trimming them myself. i heard, "see you have a really big forehead so you need bangs to shorten it up" thanks, but a trim should be fine.( there went my hot day already if the hair cut turned out the way i wanted).

me in the pre-cut with the girls on easter.

when she was done the lady told me, "hmm, this is a very modern hair cut". i hate it, it's not a line it's not even and my bangs have been clipped back the best i can for the past 2 months and still aren't long enough to wear down. trust me it's bad.

so i ask does anyone know a good place to get a cut in dallas?

Monday, May 05, 2008

back by popular demand...

i know that rileys, " I Am A Child Of God" post was loved by many. Riley loves all of the primary songs and gets upset when we don't listen to,"her" c.d. in the car. I may sound evil but sometimes i need a break. a few months ago ian taught her the,"Families Can Be Together Forever" song and she has been belting it ever since. bless her heart for trying she knows the words but i think she may be tone deaf.

our little ri loves singing so much that on Easter Sunday she went up to the front of the chapel with the primary kids to sing their song (was she old enough to go up? no. did she know the song? yes. did she think she was a part of a choir concert up there with full belting facial expressions? yes. was she at all distracted by her dad sitting behind her on the stand? no. she went to the front of the crowd did her thing and then waved to ian on her back down to where i was sitting with peyton.) so....I guess this is how she hears the "family scripture song" (that's what she calls it) in her head. this is one of her favorites so enjoy.