Monday, February 22, 2010

46 hours

for 46 hours on v-day weekend ian and i ate in peace. for 46 hours we talked uninterrupted. for 46 hours there were no toys left out to stub our toes on. for 46 hours we could sleep in or take a nap for al long as we wanted. for 46 hours i had 2 less head of hair to brush and fix and 2 less sets of teeth to brush. for 46 hours i don't think i went upstairs. for 46 hours i got to eat my ENTIRE plate of food i fixed for myself!

in 46 hours we talked, laughed, reminisced, went to the movies twice, went out to eat dinner way to late, did things around the house, went to church kidless, and had a valentines alone for the first time in 4 years.

as much as we enjoyed each other we were so ready after 46 short hours to have our 2 little girls back and hear about all of their adventures wtih grandma and grandpa, we were excited to hear their little screams as they ran around together. we were excited to warm up 4 little feet when they were cold, and bathe 2 extra kids.

after 4 hours of having our beautiful little girls back with us we were tired and ready for another 46 hour weekend alone! so the question is when can they go to your house again mom and dad?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

a perfect little heart...

peyte had an unfortunate fall the other week. the first time we've had a fall or anything other then being cut open on purpose for surgery that required a band aid. pretty impressive huh? especially with how adventurous peyton is.

like i said, a sad fall but one festive scab if i've ever seen one! sorry if it makes you queasy but i had to share, i've never seen anything like it. she now has a cute little red spot on her knee in that same perfect little heart shape.

happy v-day!

Friday, February 05, 2010


if every night ended like this it would be perfection. it makes both of them so happy, and never gets old to watch.