Saturday, September 29, 2007

our house is a very very very fine house..... well it will be ours soon enough. we are excited to make it our own, do the things we want to do to it. there will be room for all so hopefully we will have some visitors come our way sometime. Yes this is the car we had to drive, i think the lady at the counter thought she was doing us a favor by giving us this color. needless to say we felt a little out of place and flashy to have such a cool color! now that is real class.this is what you see when you walk through the front door of the house.i didn't realize how blurry this picture was but you get the idea anyway, so this is down stairs looking from the fire place.

riley's special day

so we made it, riley is officially 2! we were so excited for her birthday because all of her friends have already had theirs and she got it and wanted her own special day. it arrived! i wish that i wasn't sick for the day and could have had more energy to play with her on my own before ian got home but i just didn't.

riley has been asking for earrings for a couple of months now and so we decided it was time, and the perfect gift for her this year the story goes like this....
after she was offered the sucker everything was fine. by the time we made it to chucky cheese's she was completely happy again, after all she asked for them.
grandma always knows the perfect gifts for riley! my question is how she does it, we never event think of these things let alone know where to find gifts like a strawberry shortcake costume. can you tell what one is riley? yeah her smile isn't as natural as the real strawberry shortcake.. we're still working on it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY SWEET GIRL, WE LOVE YOU!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

adrienne+clint=true love

okay, so we had the opportunity to go to adrienne and clint's wedding, how cute are they? very! it's so amazing, exciting, romantic, fun etc... to see two people so in love who do things the right way! way to go! ian and i had smiles all day, he was so proud of adrienne he said he didn't even know how to express it. i'm so glad that people still do what they know is right even in the midst of so many influences pulling people in different directions; i believe that the decision they made to get married in the temple will make things in their marriage so much easier, i feel like it has truly helped ian and i to be the most happy we could be.
the cake that they had at the reception was one of my favorite wedding cakes i've seen, it tasted good too!

i remember my picture taken on my wedding day with the nieces and nephews, it looked about the same; not everyone can have a smile, what would be the fun in that? adrienne kept her cool pretty well i thought.

fun was had by all! riley kept talking about princess adrienne all day, and she has continued since we've been back. she was so excited to get her picture taken she put on her best, "cheese" face she has! although she didn't have the courage to talk to, "princess adrienne" she has knows her name and points out the engagment picture on our fridge and reminds me that the picture is of, "princess adrienne and clint"

it's rare that we get pictures of our whole family anymore so we have to take them every opportunity we get. what a cute family!

we had a lot of fun seeing everyone. the weekend started with the wedding and ended with the blessing of peyton on sunday before everyone headed back home. good times.

all of us that were at the blessing came back for a little breakfast and pictures after, thanks everyone for sticking around.

ian loves his little girl, in case you couldn't tell.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

a fresh start

Although I signed up for my account over a year ago I've been nervous to actually sit down and blog, it seems overwhelming to me. This is my fresh start, I am constantly looking at others blogs to see pictures etc.. I think this will be easy to keep up to date with everyone else and share the smith stories, day to day happenings etc... I'm hoping to use this as kind of an journal of some sort as my life as a Smith Mom of 2 beautiful girls and the wife of one very HANDSOME man! Here goes nothing!

6 short weeks ago we welcomed Peyton Sarah into our little family, she has been more healthy then we could have imagined so far, and we have loved every minute of having her with us. Riley has adjusted really well, and has been very good to/with her and excellent big sister! When we got to the hospital to deliver I realized that we didn't take one last picture of my belly in regular clothes so we hurry and did it there before I had to stay in bed. Better late then never.

One last picture of the Smith's as 3 Riley was overwhelmed and confused I think about what was going on that day.

Ian loves to snuggle his girls, I think this is by far his favorite way to sleep, he knows their safe.
Riley even cried when she cried, she wanted to be right next to her and make sure she was comfortable and safe.Grandma completly shared our joy in being able to have our little girl with us in our room instead of the NICU, it was an amazing day for all of us, the long wait was over and we were just enjoying our first moments with her.It was no nice to have Janna share our experience with us, what a good Aunt, it's nice to have others who love your kids too! I don't really know how to work the pictures yet but everyone was anxious to welcome Peyton into the family. We know that we were very blessed to have our little girl and have everything go so right with her in the hospital, what a beautiful miracle!