Thursday, August 07, 2008

a special day

happy birthday peyton! i can not believe how much has changed in only 1 year. i can not believe that my baby is 1! i remember everything that happened in my life 1 year ago today. the drive to the hospital. the anticipation of the huge change coming in a couple of hours. the hamburgers in the delivery room for lunch. the conversations taking up the time until we had news. the family that was there to support us on our special day. how the contractions felt. the many epidurals that just didn't work. the very scared resident who tried to convince she was 100% confident in delivering the baby without the dr. the anxiety of not being able to hold my new little one. the relief we felt when we were told that she looked and sounded completely healthy. the first time i got to lay eyes on our miracle baby. the amazing support system and many phone calls we received that day. the phone call from ian telling me that he had just got hit and totaled the car and had to be driven back by a police officer to the hospital (classy i know, my babies daddy getting out of the back of the cop car with car seat in hand to pick up his babies mamma). and of course the fear that my stomach would never go back to it's normal shape.

we have learned so much about ourselves and our families strength from this little girl. we have been blessed with so many laughs from our peyton. we are constantly on our toes and constantly in amazement of her size and strength.

it has been so incredible to watch our little girls snuggle, giggle, laugh, play and completely be glad to be with each other. every morning they are still most excited to see each other, to give each other kisses hugs and company.

happy birthday my not so little but still very small baby! i'm sad i'm going to start counting your age in years now but look forward to the many more amazing blessings you will bring to our family and my life. (you can stay a mamma's girl as long as you want) i love you!!!