Wednesday, October 28, 2009

thank you...

thank you to the person i parked by at wal mart. thank you for being so enthusiastic about the upcoming halloween holiday. thank you for giving me something new to talk to my girls about. i always love the opportunity to teach them something new. i have to admit though that my favorite subject is not how bloody body limbs can be hanging out of a tail gate of an s.u.v.

lots of questions and a lot of looks later after we got to walk by twice, we were able drive away with just a little more information stored away in those tiny little memories. mixed in with snuggling, laughing, reading and puzzles is now a memory of a bloody arm hanging from a car to celebrate this upcoming halloween.


Thursday, October 01, 2009


the pumpkins are out at the arboretum which is about the only sign that we have that fall has arrived. we've gone twice in the past week. i love it there. the girls love it there.

the first time we saw our lady, Laura Bush. yes the real Laura Bush. she was riding in a golf cart right next to us. i think she heard us talking about her (how could she not she was well within hearing distance). katherine and i got a big smile and wave. so cool! if i would have brought my camera i would have snapped a photo. crazy to think they live so close by.