Thursday, October 01, 2009


the pumpkins are out at the arboretum which is about the only sign that we have that fall has arrived. we've gone twice in the past week. i love it there. the girls love it there.

the first time we saw our lady, Laura Bush. yes the real Laura Bush. she was riding in a golf cart right next to us. i think she heard us talking about her (how could she not she was well within hearing distance). katherine and i got a big smile and wave. so cool! if i would have brought my camera i would have snapped a photo. crazy to think they live so close by.


Meisha said...

I love the arboretum in the fall! I just want to know why you didn't invite us to meet you down there! Hope you're doing well. Miss you guys!

Life in the Oliver Lane! said...

So fun! I love to see the girls on the pumpkins! I can't wait to come squeeze them both, and to snag some butterfly hair decor as seen in these cute pictures!

Mari said...

Beautiful girls! totally love the butterfly headbands.