Monday, January 25, 2010


the other day i got out of the shower and went out to inspect the girls to see what kind of trouble they found. like i always do. much to my surprise they were quietly sitting on the couch watching p.b.s. together. later i turned on the camera and found these.

well i know i didn't take them!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

the bug

last time ian had a holiday off everyone was recovering from the stomach flu. well everyone but me i had the honor of bleaching, bathing, wiping, snuggling watching princess movie after princess movie. this is what my room looked like for 2 days.

eventually the girls got better and i was relieved i didn't catch it.

2 sleeping girls in our bed. complete with water cup and puke bowl.

then ian started to feel bad. here we go again except this time it was getting water, staying out of our bed, distracting the girls, preparing soup, buying saltine crackers and sprite.

then ian got better after a couple of days. and again i was grateful i didn't get the bug.

then riley got sick again. i was back to snuggling, bleaching, watching princess movies, missing church, serving sprite and saltines, explaining as best i can why you can't eat and drink right after throwing up.

then 2 days riley got better and again i expressed my gratitude for not getting this plague that had hit our house.

well that was about 2 weeks ago.

last night after having to leave a temple session early because i couldn't make it. i showed 6 of our friends all of my best puking skills on the car ride home nope didn't make it out of the car but did grace ian's temple bad with my presence. yep still 3 exits away from home. i proceeded to show ian my skills all through the night. i feel gross. i am tired of being in bed. i'm sorry ian is spending his holiday weekend bringing me water, sprite, saltine crackers and drawing baths for me so i can warm up washing his bag and belongings, my clothes and cleaning out my car. i'm almost positive it's not the, "bug" it's just plain old food poisoning from chick-fil-a. but did i mention my friend who helped me in the car is now home in the same boat.

do you think i may have 5 less friends?

one of my new years resolutions is to lose 6lbs. DONE.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


it was a good day yesterday. it started at 7:30 when we (the girls and i. of course ian was already at work) woke up and started the day reading books in bed together. for breakfast we had mickey mouse pancakes. the girls watched t.v. while i got showered and ready then we all went up stairs to get the girls ready. we all watched their new princess sing a long d.v.d. they got from grandma for christmas and sang our hearts out to every princess song you can think of. next the girls went to my amazing friends house for a little while while i ran an errand, when i got back we hung out for a while before coming home for naps. after the girls woke up we made fruit smoothies to celebrate the warm weather we had then went outside to ride bikes. when the sun started to go down we came in bathed the girls and had dinner with the sister missionaries, finished their visit with a spiritual thought then all sat down as a family and watched american idol. the girls loved the show and even shared their musical "talents" with us. after the girls were down ian and i duked it out with some tennis, bowling and finished with me knocking him out boxing on the wii.

i need more of these days.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

a new low

last night ian and i got the girls to bed last night and got ready for our usual snuggle up in the couch with a treat ritual. i chose a traditional dessert of powdered doughnuts and chocolate milk. as i sat there stuffing my face with these delectable delights i realized that i was starting to not feel so well. why would this be happening to me? was i getting sick? was 7:45 the new to late to eat a treat? then it hit me.

how could i be eating this while watching the biggest loser? i decided then and there and i needed to put down the doughnuts and put on the running shoes. well maybe at least just put on the running shoes.