Monday, January 25, 2010


the other day i got out of the shower and went out to inspect the girls to see what kind of trouble they found. like i always do. much to my surprise they were quietly sitting on the couch watching p.b.s. together. later i turned on the camera and found these.

well i know i didn't take them!


The Roberts' Report said...

OMG, there are so many blogs on here I'm in SHOCK!! ;) I too, constantly find something new on the camera that wasn't put there by me! What cute girls!!

eva said...

Nice job girls!

Angel Larsen said...

nice. sarah has a huge George obsession too in fact - she won't sleep without him. Love that they took pictures of the TV, that is so stinkin' funny to me.

At least it's not butt shots which is what I always get from Jimbo!

Miss Ya,


Emily said...

Hilarious, Jonas is always sneaking pictures of Curious George (and Clifford) on my phone too.