Monday, September 29, 2008

you know you live in texas when...

you go to sonic for family night to indulge yourselves in the 99 cent shakes and you come home with these....

a million ant bites all over ri's feet. she's hasn't looked at the sonic the same since.

Monday, September 22, 2008

the other woman

so i stood there puzzled, frazzled not comprehending what was going on. i saw her face it was familiar but not registering in my mind who it belonged to, she was blond, cute, fabulous hair, and so familiar then it hit me. i was staring at my friend sarah, my friend sarah from utah. my friend sarah from utah who i was just thinking about, who i was just a couple days before getting sad about. i hadn't talked to her in a while and it seemed as though she was becoming more and more busy, i had just thought about how it was sad for me to possibly be loosing this friendship. then she was here in texas, sarah who did i mention doesn't travel, and certainly doesn't travel without her husband as far as i knew, sarah one of my sarah's was actually in my drive way in my car with my husband!

ian, what an amazing husband i have. so many times misunderstood. my ian who would do anything for me. my ian who's always trying to make me happy. my ian who believed me when i said that i needed a friend, that i missed the friends i had left behind, my ian who listens. my ian, my sneaky ian! ian had gotten in touch with sarah and was first thinking that he would fly her out to be a support to me in march for peyton's surgery ended up flying her out for my birthday. best birthday present ever by the way is to have a friend you honestly don't know when/if you'll ever see again show up at your door. have i ever mentioned that i love my main man? if not i love love love my little ian!

the next few days of summer were not our typical routine and i loved it! the next few days were spent driving around the city, getting caught in a tornado while trying to get gas,eating as much blue bell ice cream as possible, making gourmet pizza at home, getting our toes done, looking at blogs, felting, laughing, and talking talking talking. it was like we hadn't been apart for a day. i love those friendships.

the worst thing about sarah coming was having her leave. isn't that always how it happens? what a cool friend i have to take a few days out of her busy life and spend time away from her boys to come and spend time with me and my family,i couldn't dream up a better friend, thank you sarah!

here are some of our highlights, sarah surprise me anytime.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

i know i know

it's way past time for another blog. i don't know what's happened but i've let my life get out of control busy this summer and am trying to get back in my routine and let you guys know that i really am safe and still breathing. i am going to try to redeem myself starting today fallowed by tomorrow before some of us in the fam head out for a quick minute. so the next few blogs will be my the highlights of my summer, i know it's almost cold outside for some of you but school didn't start that long ago for us and it's still hot enough to be summer so i'm a little behind.

so my summer days were going along like this. wake up eat, take the girls running, time for petyon's first nap. after peyton woke up it would be a quick bite to eat at straight to the pool, pool time, lunch time, nap time for the girls. i'm telling i'm telling all of you that i showered 5 times a week at about 2:00 in the afternoon, gross but worth it. so by the time i got ready for the day and the house picked up and my make up on the girls would wake up and it would be time just enough time to start dinner before ian walked in the door.

this was some of our pool time with friends. sorry if you didn't want your picture posted but i'm doing it anyway.


everything was going along just like this until one day Ian and i were emailing back and forth while he was at work and then all of a sudden he stopped responding...i didn't think about it to much until i was taking out the trash and saw him pull up into the drive way with another women in the car, i couldn't believe that my husband had another women with him, WHAT WAS HE DOING? WHAT WAS GOING ON?

to be continued.