Monday, January 28, 2008

with love from riley

riley has been begging me to do this all day. i told her that we could make a video to say hi to her friends after her nap. she agreed and then woke up 1 hour early and the first thing she asked was if it was time. she really misses her friends; so do i!
so to you, our friends mckay and jack, we wish we were with you... enjoy your movie, from us to you.
with love,
the smiths

a few quick things

1) i am such a happy mom this morning! peyton who wakes up religiously at 5:00 am slept until 6:30, now this may still sound early, but i'll take it! maybe this means that either this will be her new norm, OR maybe she's on her way to not waking up. i just really hope it wasn't a fluke.

2) we've been trying to teach ri some church things like i have mentioned before i.e. Jesus moms' name is...."married" , the prophets name is "present hinckley". at breakfast this morning i was trying to tell riley that the prophet passed away last night and he was with heavenly father now, president hinckley. she put her bottom lip out and hung her head, it hit me. oh my goodness riley knows about passing away that it means death and she knows to be sad, oh my she's a genius!
"mommy i'm sad"
i'm thinking uh oh what did i do to my 2 year old, but instead i say,"riley why are you sad babe?"
riley looks up and says, "i'm upset"
"okay why are you upset?"
"mommy i still want santa to bring me presents."
"mommy i'm sad, i still want my presents"
"oh santa is still alive, you'll still get presents"
a look of relief, "oh! and peyton too right?"
"yep and peyton too. riley i said presiDent not present, not santa, the prophet" oh never mind.

so still smart but didn't catch on like i thought. prophets will come and live full lives and preach the words of God, then they will return and live with heavenly father, but santa he just keeps going and going and going.

3) i'm going to have riley draw for a shirt or onesie to mail to a feedbacker next monday; so tell your firends, neighbors, family, that they too are more then welcome to leave feedback to be entered in the drawing. boy do i make it sound all offical and exciting. oh also our esty shop is set up with a few things, sarah's amazing diaper wipe covers and some shirts the shop is so check it out.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Monday, January 21, 2008

she's crafty and she's just my type

yep i'm talking about sarah my sister in atlanta. she is just my type, so i surprised her and showed up at her house last week, for the week. it was so much fun to be with her and her family, sure do love them! before i went out sarah had been telling me about this craft she had seen and she mentioned that she thought i might like it. boy did sarah hit the nail on the head, i went i learned i fell in love. it was just my sort of project, i'm so excited about it now.

blake, keri and spencer's baby was kind of how the whole thing started. i wanted to send them something personal and different, what do you get for the boy who has it all you know? so i decided to try a couple of onsies and a blanket, sorry for showing everyone keri, including you, before it actually arrives but i couldn't wait to show what sarah showed me.

i could be getting a little crazy about it but i just love the finished product and it's something that i, who wasn't crafty until 5 days ago, now just want to craft it up. uh oh......

so i want to share a few things that we did together and see what everyone thinks, so please tell me some feedback if you don't blog email me, maybe whoever leaves a feedback or email will be entered into a hat and who ever riley draws i'll send a shirt to you and if your feedback says you don't like it i'll send something else. yeah that sounds good. okay so we mainly did onesies but i'm going to do it on toddler size shirts too, aprons, we also did a blanket and even made a poncho. i think i might even try to make a little business out of it if enough people are interested in them, so they're all original and not cut and dry so i could do different things, they could be really cool unique gifts too, anyway so tell me what you think.

Friday, January 11, 2008

new years eve smith style!

yeah happy freaking new year, that's what i thought as i crawled into bed at 11:40 after falling asleep on the couch on new years eve. why was my night so good you ask? well here is the story... monday day was going really well,everything was going as planned-- laundry, naps, grocery and then over to the larsen's for a fun night. i called my mom on the way home from the store and was really into our conversation, i got out of the car and came around the other side to let riley out. some how i closed the door. i turned to walk away but couldn't go anywhere; i looked back and saw that my thumb was still in the door, i mean in the door! i hung up on my mom and pulled the handle of the door to pop it open. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!

as a side note i don't know how many of you have stopped and looked at honda pilots lately but those doors are heavy, really heavy, i actually didn't realize until my finger was in there but trust me they are not messing around. immediately i grabbed my thumb and started running in circles in the front yard, (all of our neighbors just happened to be outside) ian stood there watching me. i ran over to ian and showed him my bloody thumb and ran inside (the whole time i was running riley thought i was playing around so she was following me screaming, when i headed inside ian explained that if she came inside to give me some space because mommy was hurt).

i went in and ran straight for the kitchen sink, the cold water felt like i was scratching the open wound and it felt like my thumb was tripling in size. all i could do was jump up and down and say "OH MY, OH MY, OH MY, OH MY OH MY". ian sat riley on the counter next to me she looked up and said, "mommy are you hurt, it's okay mommy don't cry". immediately the tears started to flow, i laid my head in her lap as she stroked my hair.

ian made the cake to take to our friends house, i was too busy worrying about myself, apologizing to ian because i felt like i was being so dramatic over the situation. i normally would have fed peyton myself but all i could do was cry. i made her a bottle, she never gets bottles.

so peyton's bottle......all we had was soy formula so it's what she got and she seemed to be fine. we made it to the larsen's and began eating our dinner, which was excellent by the way, and then peyton started to "spit up" and it kept coming and coming, then she started throwing up, like very 2 min. i would be in the kitchen one minute then back in the bathroom the next with a gagging baby. peyton threw up all over her clothes, her back up clothes, her bib, her burp cloth, my shirt, ian's sweater, her blanket, every where.

when the throwing up didn't seem like it was ever going to stop we decided that we better eat our cake and get home. we all sat down , the smiths drenched in puke, and ate our double fudge chocolate cake. during dessert riley of course made a huge mess all over herself and her chair, to finish off the last clean smith. after the cake was gone i went and cleaned riley off, when i came back to the table i was informed that i had something all over my white sweater that wasn't throw up. i looked down at myself to find that the whole front of my torso was covered in chocolate cake. riley! yup riley had cake all over her little bottom; how riley got cake on her butt was, and still is a mystery to me. all that was left to do was take riley's pants off before she could destroy anything else.

we apologized for our manner-less visit, grabbed our puke and chocolate clothes and left with: one borrowed blanket, one 5 month old drenched in puke from the soy her mom gave her; one 2 year old dressed in a long sleeved shirt, a pea coat, elmo underwear and flats; one frazzled mom with one less sweater, a newly bandaged thumb thanks to a trained marine; and one husband fully dressed in everything he came in with a lot of added throw up on his shoulder for a nice accent to his outfit.

do you think we'll be invited back?

the nail. the worst thing is, well besides having it stepped on and grabbed several times,

is the fact that i'm to scared to clip or file it in fear that it may come off. oh i guess another bad part is when i'm checking out at a store and the clerk gets all grossed out like it's contagious or something.