Monday, January 28, 2008

a few quick things

1) i am such a happy mom this morning! peyton who wakes up religiously at 5:00 am slept until 6:30, now this may still sound early, but i'll take it! maybe this means that either this will be her new norm, OR maybe she's on her way to not waking up. i just really hope it wasn't a fluke.

2) we've been trying to teach ri some church things like i have mentioned before i.e. Jesus moms' name is...."married" , the prophets name is "present hinckley". at breakfast this morning i was trying to tell riley that the prophet passed away last night and he was with heavenly father now, president hinckley. she put her bottom lip out and hung her head, it hit me. oh my goodness riley knows about passing away that it means death and she knows to be sad, oh my she's a genius!
"mommy i'm sad"
i'm thinking uh oh what did i do to my 2 year old, but instead i say,"riley why are you sad babe?"
riley looks up and says, "i'm upset"
"okay why are you upset?"
"mommy i still want santa to bring me presents."
"mommy i'm sad, i still want my presents"
"oh santa is still alive, you'll still get presents"
a look of relief, "oh! and peyton too right?"
"yep and peyton too. riley i said presiDent not present, not santa, the prophet" oh never mind.

so still smart but didn't catch on like i thought. prophets will come and live full lives and preach the words of God, then they will return and live with heavenly father, but santa he just keeps going and going and going.

3) i'm going to have riley draw for a shirt or onesie to mail to a feedbacker next monday; so tell your firends, neighbors, family, that they too are more then welcome to leave feedback to be entered in the drawing. boy do i make it sound all offical and exciting. oh also our esty shop is set up with a few things, sarah's amazing diaper wipe covers and some shirts the shop is so check it out.


Mari said...

I love the picture of your two beautiful girls. Also. Go Buff for setting up a little business. I have always wanted to venture to do a homemade crafty type of business, but I have never really set my mind to it. Kudos to you and Sarah.

Sarah said...

oh my gosh! who is peyton? she looks so different now. what a cutie!n and just a quick story. I was telling mckay how we were going shopping with grammy and rylee, my neice, and he said in the most excited voice, "my riley?" all hopeful that it was her. it made me sad.