Thursday, February 28, 2008

and she's off!

okay i admit i've sat down about 3 times to start this blog and keep getting pulled away from the computer. it's mom's time now! so..... i just wanted to talk about my peyton, yep she's crawling! i love it! it's not the most graceful crawl you've ever seen but she is for sure getting around with it which is all that i need.

this may sound really sappy but i feel so blessed that she started to crawl before her surgery. she's been getting around now for a few weeks but like i said i have had a hard time sitting down as of late. my point i was going to make was that i know that it's kind of early, she wasn't quite 6 months when she started, but i just worried a little bit that having her chest cut open might set her back from crawling if she didn't start before because of it being uncomfortable for her. i am just so happy that we passed this mile stone before so i'm celebrating with this post and picture. go peyton!

speaking of peyton i think it's time that i be honest. that is what blogs are for anyway right? it's not like i have tons of people looking at it anyway so i'm going to just share what i've been coming to grips with lately. i'll just say it I'M SCARED! i'm scared for peyton's surgery!

we have been waiting for something like 48 weeks now for this to happen; i have never claimed to be a patient person! the whole time i have some how felt like i'm supposed to be strong, and feel very guilty for even making a big deal out of it or talking about it because i feel like it's so minor compared to other things that other people go through. i feel like everyone has their sob stories and this is just ours, you know what i mean?

anyway i'm so glad that we have family for support here in dallas, but there is something to be said about a good ole' fashion friend. i'm scared that i won't have a friend to call and say," i need a brake from my house, i'll be to your house in...." i'm scared that i'll really need a good laugh when ian's not around with no friend to give it to me. i'm scared i'm going to be to wrapped up in things to get to the phone to call a friend. i'm scared because ian and i won't have another couple friend to go on a double date with. one of those dates where ian talks to spencer about basketball and keri and i talk about the hills or something really important like that. i'm scared riley will go crazy in our house while peyton's healing and i won't have shannyn or sarah to call and ask if riley can come play. i'm scared i won't have a friend to meet up with a run for after ian comes home and i need some buff time. i'm scared if i run out of food i won't be able to walk down stairs to my, "other kitchen" and sarah and brian's house. i'm scared that i won't have a becky to plan something fun to do, to get our minds off of things.

i'm not saying i need anyone to come rescue me and that my situation is so hard. the recovery period will just be different that what i first imagined while we were living in utah. it just makes me kind of sad.

and then i think i'm just being dramatic.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

what a man...

what a man, what a mighty good man, what i mighty mighty good man. come on sing it with me now, salt n peppa baby!

what a good man i have! on this very happy very uneventful valentines day i would like to just take a moment and talk about my boy my, "little ian". i am such a lucky, and blessed girl to have this man as my wonderful husband, why? because my husband does something wonderful for me 365 days out of the year, going on almost 7 years now! i was thinking in bed the other night about what a good boy i have and how much i love him. as i laid there thinking about ian i thought that i should really write it down, i should share how greatful i am. here is why i am so happy:

i love ian because he loves me! ian from day 1 has not been shy about the way he has felt. i have loved that he has always been so honest with how he feels, about our relationship. i have always appreciated this, there was no beating around the bush.

i love ian because when we first started dating he was working with a quadriplegic bernie. seeing ian work with him made me fall so fast for him. i know that it was his job, but i know he also loved it. he fed bernie, did his hair etc.. i loved when they came in to the pizza factory and i could watch when he didn't know i was watching, he loved bernie and thought of him as a good friend and i loved him for it.

i love ian because he's a hard worker i loved when we first met he had not one but 2 jobs!

i love ian because he did not want, or expect me to stop persuing my education to put him through school. i loved that i was able to finish school (i know i still have those spainish classes but still) i love that he worked hard and sacrificed his studying time in grad school to work so that i could take classes too. i love that he thinks i'm smart, because sometimes i wonder!

i love ian because he is a snuggler!

i love ian because he's so good, such a good example, so knowledgeable about the gospel. i love that he likes to do what's right.

i love ian because he always knows where he's going when we're driving. it's helpful when we are in a big city or a new place.

i love ian because he's so madly in love with our kids and says that he doesn't even care that we don't have any boys.

i love ian because if he walks in the door and i have my running clothes on and am ready to walk out he never complians, and will even make dinner while i'm gone.

i love ian because he dishes me up ice cream every night after we put the girls down for bed.

i love ian because he likes to shop! i love it, some of our favorite past times is shopping. i also like that i have never have to worry about what he's going to look like when we leave the house. i love that he sometimes suprises me with new clothes too! i always love what he picks out.

i love ian becuase he never minds serving me, and when he tells me he doesn't mind i believe it.

i love ian because he does a good job at letting me beat him at games so i can win things like back rubs.

i love that ian has woken up with our girls every night that they have woken up in the middle of the night. he is still doing this with peyton, she cries he gets out of bed and goes up stairs and gives her to me to feed.

i love that ian always comes to the girls dr.'s appointments and mine too . whether it's while i'm pregnant, or the girls are getting shots, he'll even take work off. i don't even have to ask he just comes!

i love ian because he sings with riley when he puts her down for bed. he just taught her, "families can be together forever."

i love ian because he is so stinkin hot! i remember our first date i couldn't get over the fact that he really asked me out, he was way out of my league! i couldn't stop starring! i love his dark complection.

i love ian because he chose me and it has made all the difference.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


so i can't get enough of making shirts and onesies latley. i love felting and now embroidering. what can i say, i'm crafty! who would of thunk it? so i blogged earlier about my felting and now i've also discovered this embroidery stuff, i bet i'm not even spelling it right but it's still fun.

like i said before my sister sarah and i have set up a little etsy shop, which has totally increased my computer skills i will have to admit, and it has been so much fun. sarah is selling her oh-so- cute and incredibly useful diaper and wipes covers and i'm adding my little odds and ends. i put a little side bar on the side of my blog that links to our shop so check it out if you would like. all you have to do to get to our little store is click on the orange box.

so i thought that i would show everyone, all 6 of you who look at my blog, my newest craft. what do you think? i put the onesie on peyton even though it's way too big on her, so sorry for all of the wrinkles. i try to make the writing look like a child wrote it.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tag! shannyn florez tagged me and now I’m it!
A. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning
B. Each player answers the questions about themselves
C. At the end of the post, the player tags people and posts their names, then goes to their blog and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they are tagged.

10 years ago I was: a junior and just broke up with my first boyfriend, i thought the world was over.

5 things on my 'to do' list today:
1. wash all the sheets
2. make dinner
3. find a second hand store for felting materials
4. read to riley and peyton
5. work out (as if it's really going to happen)

Things I would do if I became a billionaire:
1. pay our schooling off
2. go on an awesome trip
3. college funds for the kids
4. buy some furniture for our house.

3 of my bad habits:
1. i talk too much,i always say something stupid.
2. i worry
3. i complain about how i look.

5 places I've lived:
1. modesto, ca
2. provo, ut
3. ruston, la
4. nampa, id
5. huntsville, tx

5 jobs I've had
1. telemarketer
2. waitress
3. orthodontist assistant
4. housekeeper at days inn
5. cafeteria worker at the m.t.c.

Something most people don't know about me:
when i was little i used to check my parents underwear drawer to see if they packed their belongings to never come back. my brothers and sisters would tell me that my parents were running away everytime they left. i figured if they were really running away they would need a fresh pair of undies.'s it?
You've been tagged:
1. sarah o.
2. paige
3. keri
4. mari
5. angel
6. haley
7. cass

Thursday, February 07, 2008

snuggle time

our morning routine goes like this; riley comes down stairs and snuggles me in bed and watches, "dismey" (the disney channel) and i sleep until peyton wakes up. once we hear her talking i go get peyton from her crib and bring her down to my rrom, the girls get so excited to see eachother every morning. they both look at eachother as so say, "i missed you! where have you been? i can't wait to spend today with you, i love you." and then they snuggle, hold hands, laugh and, "talk".
i hope they never change, i hope they are always friends, and when there not i hope i always remember how they are now, inseparable.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

riley in a nut shell

no matter how many times i ask during the day every time i turn around this is what i see. i know you've all seen it too if you've hung out with us a couple of times. the problem is that riley is so tall that we have to buy larger sizes for her, eventhough i tighten up her adjustable waist it still doesn't work! i don't know what to do. i've tried belts, longer shirts etc....... but everytime i turn around i have to ask her to pull up her pants.

riley has been really into cinderella latley and asking to watch the movie A LOT. the other day on our way out riley casually asked ian and i if McKay, sarah and brians little boy, is her prince just like cinderella has her prince. the fact of the matter is first things first no prince wants a girl who's always showing her crack, it's just not very becoming!

without the crack it just wouldn't be my little girl so...... i'll take it.


I knew as soon as Riley pulled out the piece of paper and it said Sarah I would get accused of rigging it! of corse it was fair, i'm an honest person right? if i do another drawing will i get more then 5 eligable feedbacks? pickings are slim with only 5 names!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

and the winner is......

Riley drew yesterday and she picked Sarah Matthews! So all i need to know from you know Sarah is what size you want and what design you want on your shirt, or you can also get a blanket if you would rather have that! So i'll be calling you shortly because 1)it's my turn and 2)to get the details. CONGRATS