Wednesday, February 06, 2008

riley in a nut shell

no matter how many times i ask during the day every time i turn around this is what i see. i know you've all seen it too if you've hung out with us a couple of times. the problem is that riley is so tall that we have to buy larger sizes for her, eventhough i tighten up her adjustable waist it still doesn't work! i don't know what to do. i've tried belts, longer shirts etc....... but everytime i turn around i have to ask her to pull up her pants.

riley has been really into cinderella latley and asking to watch the movie A LOT. the other day on our way out riley casually asked ian and i if McKay, sarah and brians little boy, is her prince just like cinderella has her prince. the fact of the matter is first things first no prince wants a girl who's always showing her crack, it's just not very becoming!

without the crack it just wouldn't be my little girl so...... i'll take it.


John said...

i know how that goes because that is my butt always hanging out of my pants. my legs are too fat so i have to get a bigger waste and well you know what happens after that. and you know that i was joking about the contest being rigged. peace out.

Paige and Family said...

what a cutie bootie!!

Blythe said...

Hey Buffy! I've been occasionally peeking at your blog since you and Ian moved, and I have so much fun reading your posts. This one killed me! I was laughing so hard. I hope that everything is going well! Miss you guys!

Mari said...

Okay Buffy being one of your children muct be so fun and entertaing. Reading your blog usually gives me a good laugh, but this one takes the cake. That is so funny about Riley. I probably couldn't handle that and would have to have my child in pants that were a little high waters vs. seeing a bum.