Wednesday, July 09, 2008

peytons secret

ian has been thinking that i'm lying to him lately. okay maybe he doesn't think i'm totally lying, just exaggerating the truth to him. i think everyone else thinks the same too. we have had a few house guests lately (which i promise i'll blog about very soon) and while they're here the conversation comes up that peyton is walking now. we all know what happens when you mention to someone that your child is walking, we all know what the response will be, "oh how exciting i want to see it". i've gotten the same response from ian, and the girls from the ward too. so what's the problem?

peyton won't walk in front of other adults! stage fright i guess. i put her down and all she does is stand there. she could have just been walking fine 2 minutes earlier but all of the sudden "forgets" how to do it when people are watching. so what do i look like, a liar! i usually sit there begging her to walk after i've talked her up and what does she do? she just stands there with a smile on her face as if to say she's not going to play my game.

so this is me proving that i have been telling the truth all along, not even exaggerating the truth... PEYTON CAN WALK AND I'LL PROVE IT!!

*editors note, we did not have 4 more kids! i was just watching a few extra.