Sunday, October 21, 2007

what a week!

so in the past week a lot has happened with our little family. first on the list was that peyton laughed for the fist time on tuesday so that would be oct. 16th, i was so excited, it was so cute. the next 3 days i tried everything possible to make peyton laugh so ian could hear and finally on thursday it worked!!(proud mom moment!)

the second thing that happened on the list was that while dinner was cooking all four of us where in the living room and next thing i knew i was the only one awake.... i couldn't believe it; it has been a very long time sense riley has fallen asleep on my lap. after discovering i was the only one awake i smiled a big smile finished dinner and took some pictures and woke ian up so that we could have an almost date, we ate dinner alone, just the two of us in our house and it was really nice!after mine and ian's little dinner date we woke the girls up and headed out to the, "scarecrow festival" for family night. one thing i will really miss about utah is all of the family things that go on, there is always something to do as a family. the scarecrow festival was something at thanksgiving point where kids could ride pony's, go on a "train"ride, there was a haunted house etc... it was cold but really good for us to relax and do something fun together.

the fourth thing that we did was..... because the condo had been on the market i always had to make sure it was perfectly clean which meant i needed to keep riley occupied in the house without making mess after mess sense i didn't always have a lot of time to prepare after getting a call that some one wanted to come and look. one afternoon this past week i thought it would be a good idea for riley and i to get some use out of the apron grandma gave her, what better way then to make cookies together, that way i could entertain her without a huge mess. riley is a good little helper!

#5 so we did it, after 2 weeks and 1 day we accepted an offer on our condo, the stress of showing is gone and the stress of packing and being ready to move in less then 2 weeks is here. i have really enjoyed living here... here like in utah and here like in our condo, it was small but it was ours and we had so much fun doing things to it to make it feel like our own........i will be sad to say goodbye to such a great year.#6 that basically brings us to today, well besides our friend sarah having her beautiful baby on thursday but i don't have any pictures. # 6 is that we woke up to snow this morning snow and it's not even halloween yet! wow we had to get the girls out there because we aren't quite sure when they'll see it again.

i know this is the never ending blog but that was our week in a nut shell. i'm tired and need some rest now before i start packing tomorrow. the last couple of pictures are a couple for the grandmas i've been meaning to post of the girls.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


me:"riley what did have to eat in nursery today?"



ian:"what kind of nursery are you going to?"

me:"riley what did you have to eat in nursery today? what did you say?"

Riley:"um...a snack."

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Peyton Sarah

i love my little baby girl! she is so different then riley it is fun to see, don't get me wrong not that i don't love and adore riley but you know it's nice that everyone has their own personality and that maybe, just maybe we will have a buffy looking child in this smith family, poor girl!

So how is Peyton different then riley you ask? she just hangs out a lot, she'll just look around and be happy, she smiles A LOT and talks a lot already, we rarely see a scowl on her face like riley permanently had & last but not least she cries a lot less! that makes for 2 very happy parents. as far as looks go, she's a quarter of Riley's' size and has a thin face.

This a picture of Peyton's' perspective, when she looks down. what a view!

i don't think we have any pictures of riley smiling as a baby, i love this one! this is what she typically looks like to me.

they're alike in these ways, she's a furry baby like riley, she right has a dimple in her chin, it's just bigger then riley's. she has her dad's toes like riley and she has no sign of having hair before her first birthday.

I always say the more furry the shoulder and back the better don't you?

I love these toes, they curl so perfectly.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

olivers come to town

my sister sarah came with her baby addison and played with our family this past week. it was so fun to have the babies together, they are both so beautiful! thank you to the rest of the olivers who didn't come for sharing. we spent our time doing what we do best... talking, sleeping, feeding, and last but not least shopping. sarah was so nice to take care of both of the girls while they were crying and ian and i were trying to install a new light fixture, what a good mom.
peyton asleep in my lap, i didn't even realize she was out until it was pointed out, to cute to not take a picture of.when riley woke up from her nap one afternoon she asked if she could snuggle the girls, what adorable faces!doesn't it look like riley is in bed with a couple of baby dolls?