Saturday, October 06, 2007

olivers come to town

my sister sarah came with her baby addison and played with our family this past week. it was so fun to have the babies together, they are both so beautiful! thank you to the rest of the olivers who didn't come for sharing. we spent our time doing what we do best... talking, sleeping, feeding, and last but not least shopping. sarah was so nice to take care of both of the girls while they were crying and ian and i were trying to install a new light fixture, what a good mom.
peyton asleep in my lap, i didn't even realize she was out until it was pointed out, to cute to not take a picture of.when riley woke up from her nap one afternoon she asked if she could snuggle the girls, what adorable faces!doesn't it look like riley is in bed with a couple of baby dolls?

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Paige and Family said...

She really does look like she has two baby dolls. So cute!