Saturday, September 29, 2007

our house is a very very very fine house..... well it will be ours soon enough. we are excited to make it our own, do the things we want to do to it. there will be room for all so hopefully we will have some visitors come our way sometime. Yes this is the car we had to drive, i think the lady at the counter thought she was doing us a favor by giving us this color. needless to say we felt a little out of place and flashy to have such a cool color! now that is real class.this is what you see when you walk through the front door of the house.i didn't realize how blurry this picture was but you get the idea anyway, so this is down stairs looking from the fire place.


Chris said...

Congrats on your new house, and thanks for the pictures! Rachel and I are looking forward to seeing more shots, and we are wondering what colors you guys are going to paint the walls with!


Paige and Family said...

Cant wait to see it!!

Mari said...

Buffy, your house is beutiful. I would love to come and see you. Dallas is only a 6 hour drive.