Tuesday, March 24, 2009

and all that wisdom

last time we were at the park by our house ri met a little boy named jaden. we went back tonight and he was out playing again. ri recognized him and ran over to talk. every time he passed by on his little bike ri asked where he was going. his older brother (maybe 7 years old) passed by with him once.

ri- hey jaden where are you going?
jaden's brother- jaden i think that little girl has a crush on you.

jaden didn't answer and kept riding so riley came back.

me-riley what did jaden's brother say?
me-ri he said that you like jaden, that you think he's cute.
ri-mom he doesn't know anything about girls.

Monday, March 23, 2009

just like her dad

riley defiantly gets her honesty from her father. last week she was in the bathroom watching me get ready for the day like she does everyday. the radio was one and it had a commercial saying that an infertility dr. would be at a hospital in dallas doing a free seminar.

riley: mom they said baby mom! mom did you hear that they said baby! mom your stomach in HUGE and ROUND are you going to have a baby?

(let me just say that she has been telling us lately that we need to have 13 kids in our family and that she doesn't mind sharing or helping take care of them all. i say yeah right i'm sure she really wouldn't mind sharing or helping but 13 come on! 2 is more then enough for this family right now.)

me: ri really mommy has a HUGE ROUND tummy? doesn't it look just like yours and peytons?

riley: no mom i said its really BIG and ROUND, do you have a baby in there?

and on go the running shoes.

Monday, March 16, 2009

all i really want...

to do is make sit down and make clips and headbands forever. i just can't get enough of them latley and i really feel like they have imporved over time, i know that may sound lame, but it's still so new and fun for me to create something of my own! what i've been doing most recently.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

have i mentioned

that i'm head over heals in love with this man? i'm still amazed at how fast i fell for him. is he perfect? no, but he continues to amaze me.

i love him because the girls can't get enough of him. i love him because yesterday when i didn't feel well and we were supposed to be working on a house project together he told me to go inside and rest. i love him because he woke up with a sick child last night so i could sleep. i love him because he asked if i wanted him to take time off of work to be at the girls dental check ups next week. i love him because he tells me he loves me more then once every day. i love that when i make up silly rules like we have to tell eachother why we love eachother every night before bed he actually does it, what a man.

i was so scared when i realized how i felt for him. it was worth the risk.

oh and can i mention his good looks?