Tuesday, March 24, 2009

and all that wisdom

last time we were at the park by our house ri met a little boy named jaden. we went back tonight and he was out playing again. ri recognized him and ran over to talk. every time he passed by on his little bike ri asked where he was going. his older brother (maybe 7 years old) passed by with him once.

ri- hey jaden where are you going?
jaden's brother- jaden i think that little girl has a crush on you.

jaden didn't answer and kept riding so riley came back.

me-riley what did jaden's brother say?
me-ri he said that you like jaden, that you think he's cute.
ri-mom he doesn't know anything about girls.


Mari said...

Buffy-Riley is so adorable and she is so funny. I enjoy reading about what Riley says, it must be so fun being her mom!

shannyn said...

tell riley jack is still available.

Emily said...

What a wise and funny little girl. She is too cute.

Todd and Lisa said...

Riley is so funny---I've just been reading your blog posts and she is a crack-up (just like her mommy). Peyton reminds me of Kai. I am always wiping off his hands, changing his clothes, trying to keep him clean. Some days I wonder why I even bother. I'll call you soon so we can catch up!