Tuesday, March 25, 2008

going once going twice

kisses, squeezes, tickles and all rough housing with peyton sold to her mom. i think i've fallen in love all over again with my beautiful baby. for the past week or so i've tried to get as many of the little things in as i could before i could no longer. i'm going to miss them that's for sure!

i feel so blessed to have my ian, a strong priesthood holder in my home to lead and help direct our little family during this time. i am so glad that we have leaders that have taught and aided my family in the gospel in the teachings and blessings that i have received and continue to receive from my heavenly father daily. i am so grateful for the savior and his atoning sacrifice and the comfort and peace that i have knowing that life is eternal, my family is eternal and that there is a plan for you, me and even my little peyton. am i scared, yes i already said so, am i confident? absolutely, why? because of my savior, i know that he lives.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

free shirts!

as you all know i had a drawing a while ago for a free felted shirt. with all of 6 comments i had riley pick a name out of a hat and she picked sarah. after finding the type of top that was just right, going through a couple of rounds of sicknesses in our family, and a few visitors and one wedding i finally did it. i sent off the finished products! i wanted to share how they turned out.

i played around and did 2 new renditions of some patterns i already loved. i hand stitched McKays name on the back of the shirt, just in case you can't tell who he is from behind.( kidding!) i know none of us call him Mack but sarah and brian do do so i thought it appropriate. the bottom of the bird onesie says, "chirp chirp" it was also hand stitched.

enjoy sarah....

i think i'll be doing this every few months so keep checking back! if you can't wait be sure to check out our etsy shop, just click on the orange box on the links side and it will take you directly to our site.