Saturday, January 24, 2009


a typical lunch with my 3 year old

i've been wondering lately if there is going to be riley's and peyton's around every corner when ours starts school. so i thought about trying on their middle names for size see what ri would say.

ME: riley do you want us to call you riley or jade?

RI: like jaden my friend? is jaden a boys or a girls name?

ME: jaden is a boys name but jade is a girls name, so what one do you like?

RI: so jade is a girls name?

ME: yes listen jaden has an n at the end but jade does not. so do you like riley or jade? what one do you want us to call you?

RI: jade.

ME: you like jade better, you want us to call you jade from now on?

RI: yep.

ME: okay well what about peyte should we call her peyton or sarah?

RI: (without even taking a breath) sarah.

ME: so you want us to call you jade and you think we should call peyton sarah?

Ri: uh hu and you know what mom? i think we should call you rudolph the red nosed reindeer.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

one happy little 3 year old

it's a daily struggle to get riley out of her p.j.'s. i'm not kidding.

me-"ri time to get dressed, let's go upstairs."
ri-"no mom i don't want. to can't i just stay in my pajamas all day?"
"why not mom?"
"you're not sick and people don't do that"
"but i do, i want to. let's watch movies and stay in our pajamas all day."

she's just like her dad.

this has been going on for months now. everyday for months. last week both girls ended up the beginnings of a cold. i let them lie around in their pajamas and watch a movie then changed them to get out for a while.

while we were out things weren't as fun as we had hoped for so we went home. when ri refused to take a nap so i gave in. yes i gave in.

i pulled her out of bed at 3:00 p.m. turned the bath on and put her in. i did the same with peyton when she woke up. i am happy to report at 5:00 when my husband pulled up to the house all 3 of us were in our pajamas with dinner on the table. ian was pleased as punch and immediately joined us in his p.j.s for dinner.

after dinner we relaxed as a family playing duck duck goose, reading, and playing a board game.

i'll have to admit that even though i had to change peyton's pajamas after dinner i was way more patient and less rushed at 3 and 4 in the afternoon then i am at 7. i think i'll do it again sometime.

in memory of our evening together here is riley modeling her favorite toy and cute little dog p.j.'s. nothing and i mean nothing was taking that smile off of her face.

Friday, January 09, 2009

christmas texas style

i know this is really really late but i couldn't not post about Christmas. very hectic and filled with excitement? of course! why so exciting you wonder? because we live in texas and things are done a little different. how are they done different? Christmas parades that start off at 30 degrees and end up at 70. short sleeved shirts on Christmas day, and last but not least the coolest Christmas lights i've ever seen on a house. well at least the most extravagant, just wait you'll see.

back to the Christmas parade, well our town has one. the forney home town Christmas started off with the parade then had a pie eating contest where they gave away a huge plasma t.v.. it also included free face painting, jump houses, a, "train" ride, petting zoo, pony rides, pictures with santa, bounce houses and did i mention all free! i couldn't believe it! with all of this free and exciting things you must be dying to know what mine and ian's favorite part was, well hold on because it's good. it was the parade! why the parade you ask? what does every small town parade have? CANDY and how likes candy? WE DO! and what kind of candy is our favorite? the kind that is thrown to you from (and i'm not kidding) the round up cowboy church. yep there is such a thing and do you know how they give out their candy? oh i'll tell you first they start collecting old toilet paper rolls in july i'm guessing. next they go out and purchase rolls and rolls of wrapping paper and string. probably some time around Christmas they go buy the candy to pass out for the parade. to put it all to the best use they put the candy in the old toilet paper rolls and wrap it with holiday paper tie it with string attaching their card to it of course then through it out. AMAZING! first ian and i thought it might be a bible rolled up in there but boy were we wrong actual candy. we had to take a picture for proof.


the other cool thing was when i was out doing visits with relief society we saw this house that was very well lit up. i took my family back on Christmas eve and then found out what the house was really capable of. i just have to mention before you see the video that there were signs in the yard warning against high voltage. so here's how it worked. you stay in your car and watch the santa that is some how projected into the front window who's walking around looking at everyone until the fun begins. every have of an hour you tune your radio in your car to a certain station and this is what happens the house lights up to the music. also free i should add.

and let the count down to the next holiday season begin!