Wednesday, January 21, 2009

one happy little 3 year old

it's a daily struggle to get riley out of her p.j.'s. i'm not kidding.

me-"ri time to get dressed, let's go upstairs."
ri-"no mom i don't want. to can't i just stay in my pajamas all day?"
"why not mom?"
"you're not sick and people don't do that"
"but i do, i want to. let's watch movies and stay in our pajamas all day."

she's just like her dad.

this has been going on for months now. everyday for months. last week both girls ended up the beginnings of a cold. i let them lie around in their pajamas and watch a movie then changed them to get out for a while.

while we were out things weren't as fun as we had hoped for so we went home. when ri refused to take a nap so i gave in. yes i gave in.

i pulled her out of bed at 3:00 p.m. turned the bath on and put her in. i did the same with peyton when she woke up. i am happy to report at 5:00 when my husband pulled up to the house all 3 of us were in our pajamas with dinner on the table. ian was pleased as punch and immediately joined us in his p.j.s for dinner.

after dinner we relaxed as a family playing duck duck goose, reading, and playing a board game.

i'll have to admit that even though i had to change peyton's pajamas after dinner i was way more patient and less rushed at 3 and 4 in the afternoon then i am at 7. i think i'll do it again sometime.

in memory of our evening together here is riley modeling her favorite toy and cute little dog p.j.'s. nothing and i mean nothing was taking that smile off of her face.


Mari said...

I will often times give the boys a bath before dinner so they can be in bed by 630pm. They love it too. I think all kids associate pj's as we are staying home and hanging out. Add the tv time in and it is a party!

Keri said...

i love riley! that's a cute story - you guys are fun :)

The Roberts' Report said...

perfect. i'm all for getting a good scrub down before dinner. it seriously relieves the stress at bedtime!! we actually did that tonight and all kids were in bed asleep by 715pm!! i love it!!

MT said...

wait a minute... i don't see anything wrong with staying in your pj's all day. - people don't do that?!