Saturday, January 24, 2009


a typical lunch with my 3 year old

i've been wondering lately if there is going to be riley's and peyton's around every corner when ours starts school. so i thought about trying on their middle names for size see what ri would say.

ME: riley do you want us to call you riley or jade?

RI: like jaden my friend? is jaden a boys or a girls name?

ME: jaden is a boys name but jade is a girls name, so what one do you like?

RI: so jade is a girls name?

ME: yes listen jaden has an n at the end but jade does not. so do you like riley or jade? what one do you want us to call you?

RI: jade.

ME: you like jade better, you want us to call you jade from now on?

RI: yep.

ME: okay well what about peyte should we call her peyton or sarah?

RI: (without even taking a breath) sarah.

ME: so you want us to call you jade and you think we should call peyton sarah?

Ri: uh hu and you know what mom? i think we should call you rudolph the red nosed reindeer.



Mari said...

I totally love Riley. She is funny. Having conversations with her must be great.

eva said...

What a funny girl! If you're not writing this stuff in your journal, make sure you print this out for her.

The Roberts' Report said...

Seriously...Larry and I can't stop laughing!!!

Codi said...

Oh I am laughing! And it is not a courtesy laugh. That is seriously FUNNY!

Chris said...

What a great conversation. I think you need to quit letting your kids make decisions for you! :)

Emily said...

What a funny little mind she has, you must always be entertained.

The Chris Tippets Family said...

She is so freaking cute.

MT said...

that is so random and hilarious! ha ha.

Niki The Weav said...

That is hillarious! What a cutie!