Monday, June 29, 2009

for rachel

rachel (smith, but not smith for much longer) emailed me today and told me to update my blog with some pic's of the girls. sometimes i feel like that's all i talk about but i'll gladly take this opportunity to do it again.

the other day ian was at church (as usual) and i was getting peyton's lotion on and dressed after the bath while riley was dressing herself. i had my back to her and i heard in an annoyed tone, "mom i look like a freak". as i turned around i said "what?" and then i saw her, and she kinda did! i made her stay that way until i got the picture. we giggled about it for a while then of course the girls wanted to take pictures so we did. (i guess i still need to work on getting the shirt over the head with her).

*by the way i don't know who taught her the phrase, "i look like a freak" oops!*

Monday, June 22, 2009

my little rock stars

my girls love to sing and dance. yes my girls also love Pink right now. i may even sing a long and dance with them time to time. what can i say it's catchy!

i just happened to have my camera in my purse while they were doing their routine the other day. nothing like a family trip to wal-mart to get you in the mood to rock out right?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

oh yeah baby!

and we're off! after months of talking, working, thinking, wondering, stressing, and spending the money to make it happen is up! we didn't realize it was actually working until yesterday. we still have some adjustments to make like showing a few more buttons for products we haven't gotten the pictures captured for yet (tu tu's, birthday sash, and caRe seat), but we're rolling with it anyway. why you may wonder do you need to have your site up. i'll tell you. 2 little mammas was picked to be featured in the july issue of, "Pregnancy and Newborn" magazine! both the baby bundle and let's do lunch bag, on 2 different pages! so we needed to have a site to put in the issue of where our products could be purchased.

so excited for the opportunities we've been given, so far!

i have also been asked to post pictures of riley's bed that i did last week. remember when i said that i really wanted a headboard for her bed? well i got a whole bed not just the headboard, i was wanting one with 4 small posts but wasn't having any luck. the day after blogging about it i found it, and it was exactly what i was looking for. you know the absolute best part? it was free off of craigslist! can you believe it? all i had to pay for was the gas to get there and a new roller for the paint brush. we had some left over paints in the garage i was able to mix myself for the perfect color and ta da! i love it, and so does she!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

lame, that's what my blog has been. done, with my last math class and second spanish class. busy that's what i was until a couple of weeks ago. one, it's how many semesters i have left to be completely done with school. tan, that's what i wish i was! committed, that's what i will be to my blog. froogle, it's a fun game for me. creative, it's what i've tried to be lately. in shape, another something i've tried to work on. patient, something i need to start being. tired, it's how i feel. rich, something i don't aspire to be. far, it's how i feel when i think of keri and sarah and shannyn. grateful, for two beautiful girls and one amazing husband. laugh, something i've been cravting, you know one of those stomach ache, tired cheeks, watery eyes ones! headboard, something i'm dying to find for riley's room. excited, it's what i am bout 2littlemammas. me in a nutshell as of late.

now that we're all caught up, we had some plain ikea chairs upstairs next to our purple couch that we wanted to tie together. this is what i came up with. super fun and cost about 50 cents for each chair. riley has one too the exact same but her name is in orange up top.