Monday, June 29, 2009

for rachel

rachel (smith, but not smith for much longer) emailed me today and told me to update my blog with some pic's of the girls. sometimes i feel like that's all i talk about but i'll gladly take this opportunity to do it again.

the other day ian was at church (as usual) and i was getting peyton's lotion on and dressed after the bath while riley was dressing herself. i had my back to her and i heard in an annoyed tone, "mom i look like a freak". as i turned around i said "what?" and then i saw her, and she kinda did! i made her stay that way until i got the picture. we giggled about it for a while then of course the girls wanted to take pictures so we did. (i guess i still need to work on getting the shirt over the head with her).

*by the way i don't know who taught her the phrase, "i look like a freak" oops!*

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