Wednesday, August 25, 2010

where did that come from?

peyton has being saying such random things lately but one we all keep repeating.

i have to preface this with letting you know that "fighting" is wrestling at the smith house and we do a lot of it.

peyte had a little face diamond jewel thing in her hand that she kept calling "magic".

"mom fight dad. he will die. i have magic"

riley told asked her baby sitter the other day "mallory what if i have a baby and it comes out a horse?"

i looked across the kitchen table last night and peyton was sitting there waiting for riley to be done with dinner playing with a "lamb" i heard her say with palm out and arm bent at a 90 degree angle "come here little lamb" then her had moved up and down slightly as if the lamb landed on her hand. she talked to it for a minute and then her hand bounced again when the "lamb" jumped off.

the other day i asked peyton why she sleeps with her whole face under her sheets and quilt, she told me it was so she could suck her thumb without us knowing. BUSTED!

riley came home from church sunday and said, "mom all of the big kids start school tomorrow. why can't i start" i explained that this will be her last year to ever miss the first day of school and that it is because of her birthday but assured her she would be in preschool. the next morning she walked down the stairs and over to ian and said "well dad i have another year before i start school" poor girl.

one of riley's favorite things to do right now is watch how to videos on you tube for applying your makeup to look like a princess. you think she would be a natural now for how many times she watches the same videos over and over again but for some reason every time she puts on her own makeup the brown eye shadow end up smeared down her cheeks and her eyes look like someone hit her. why?

Sunday, August 01, 2010

try this....

i went to a party a couple weeks ago; after devouring an entire bowl of this bean stuff i called my friend for the recipe. trust me you want it.

try it this week, you won't be disappointed! the recipe makes up a lot so you may want to half it although it does keep for a few days.

the sauce:
1/3 C lime juice
1/2 C olive oil (i use a little less)
1 clove minced garlic
1 tsp. salt
1/8 cyan pepper

*mix and set aside

the goods:
2 avocados diced (i do 3 because i love them)
2 cans black beans (drain and rinse)
1 1/2- 2 C frozen corn (i just rinse mine off and let it thaw for a couple of minutes)
1/2 red pepper diced
2 tomatoes diced
6 green onions sliced
1/2 C cilantro (a little more or a little less depending on how much you like it)

*mix it all together and serve.

the first time i ate it we had it with tortilla chips, i've seen it put on top of hamburgers.

and ian and i marinated some shrimp se in baja chipotle sauce and then warmed it up on the stove and put this stuff on top for shrimp tacos.

tell me what you think.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


i feel 100% better tonight.

i have one less thing on my mind thanks to my boy.

i lost my wedding ring almost 4 weeks ago. i've said prayers, i've reassured people that ian really didn't take it this time like he did before to get a custom band made. i found lost it while i was not feeling well and had a long day. i apparently fell asleep on the couch and took it off while i was sleeping.

i've looked and looked and looked and stopped looking and then started again

ian found it after we pulled out the couch.

what relief!

Monday, June 14, 2010

all my time...

2 little mammas has been my life lately. getting ready for this....

we were apart of a baby expo in Atlanta; we had such amazing feedback and success! To celebrate we thought we would share the love. Order now through Friday June 18th and get 1/2 off of our online prices. Email us through our website with what you want and we will send you a pay pal bill with only $3.00 shipping!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010


my friend keri commented on my last post and asked if i made ri's dress she was wearing. and while i didn't (it's just an old navy dress) i saw this loved it and made this.

my new obsession. no pattern. not hard. need to fix the bottom layer. still not a seamstress. more to come.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

chipetes style..

ok there is a lot to catch up on but first thing first.

right now, well for the past little bit riley and peyton have been completely obsessed with the girl chiphmunks called the chipetes. first we checked out a movie from the library where the girls raced the boys around the world which came complete with a c.d. which they loved. then our friends let us barrow the squeakquel movie that has the boy and girl chipmunks in it together as well. also every time they can they steal my phone from me and look up chipetes songs and movie clips on you tube on my phone.

The girls have been practicing singing like them, they want their hair done like them, and most importantly trying to get those dance moves down why they want to look like chipmunks is beyond me. also how do you do hair like a chipmunk? their hair is shaped like a mow hawk.

i think we are moving on to the movie and book jumunji so i thought i would post these pictures before the ship has completely sailed. ri asked me to take pictures of her practicing her moves. it's so funny and makes me nervous all at once.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010


yep that's what i said to ian saturday afternoon. let me back up for a minute and give you a little background info.

We signed riley up for her first soccer season this year, we are so excited! she's so excited, we've been practicing with her in the yard because all of her practices have been canceled due to the weather etc.. we all had so much fun picking out the pink cleats, new shorts to practice in, new socks and the new water bottle. we tried on the uniform the day she got it and she wouldn't take it off until it was bed time and dirty.
after all that prep the pink panthers lost their first game about 10 to 1. i am happy to report that riley did assist in the teams 1 goal! we definitely have to work on riley not doing everything so literally the coach tells her. if she was told to not move while the ball was being kicked or thrown in she would still stand in the same place and not move while everyone started to play again until she was instructed to run. to cute.

so back to my title, at the end of her game they get all of the parents to come and line up on their side of the field facing the other parent and put their hands together (kind of like you were playing london bridges) to make a tunnel for the kids to run through. this was very new to all of us. ian and i had no idea what was going on and it was obvious our riley had never participated in this either. first the opposing team runs through your tunnel and you tell them all "good game" then your own kids team runs through your tunnel and you give them hi 5's and tell them the same. as ian and i are catching on to this new ritual we will be participating in riley is taking a little longer to understand the concept. she passed us right by but to every other parent (at least the 12 from our team) when she saw their hand held out to give her a hi 5 she instead extended her hand and gave them all a firm handshake and said, "thank you". everyone noticed and shook her hand back with a little giggle. ian and i couldn't help but laugh, i looked over at him and said, " we are so mormon right now" he agreed.