Sunday, June 06, 2010

chipetes style..

ok there is a lot to catch up on but first thing first.

right now, well for the past little bit riley and peyton have been completely obsessed with the girl chiphmunks called the chipetes. first we checked out a movie from the library where the girls raced the boys around the world which came complete with a c.d. which they loved. then our friends let us barrow the squeakquel movie that has the boy and girl chipmunks in it together as well. also every time they can they steal my phone from me and look up chipetes songs and movie clips on you tube on my phone.

The girls have been practicing singing like them, they want their hair done like them, and most importantly trying to get those dance moves down why they want to look like chipmunks is beyond me. also how do you do hair like a chipmunk? their hair is shaped like a mow hawk.

i think we are moving on to the movie and book jumunji so i thought i would post these pictures before the ship has completely sailed. ri asked me to take pictures of her practicing her moves. it's so funny and makes me nervous all at once.


Natalie Simons said...

That is awesome. Cam & Jordy both love the Chipetes. Is it bad when your 2 year old can sing "All the Single Ladies"?

Keri said...

hey an update - NICE! tell me you made that dress?! i'm loving it. you need to come back out here just so you can give me some lessons. why does ri look so old? kinda freakin me out! keep the updates comin!

Sarah said...

what? you blogged? so mckay totally loves the chipmunks too- girls and boys! i love riley's move. she is so cute. tell her i said she looks just like britney (the chipette, that is).