Tuesday, March 09, 2010


yep that's what i said to ian saturday afternoon. let me back up for a minute and give you a little background info.

We signed riley up for her first soccer season this year, we are so excited! she's so excited, we've been practicing with her in the yard because all of her practices have been canceled due to the weather etc.. we all had so much fun picking out the pink cleats, new shorts to practice in, new socks and the new water bottle. we tried on the uniform the day she got it and she wouldn't take it off until it was bed time and dirty.
after all that prep the pink panthers lost their first game about 10 to 1. i am happy to report that riley did assist in the teams 1 goal! we definitely have to work on riley not doing everything so literally the coach tells her. if she was told to not move while the ball was being kicked or thrown in she would still stand in the same place and not move while everyone started to play again until she was instructed to run. to cute.

so back to my title, at the end of her game they get all of the parents to come and line up on their side of the field facing the other parent and put their hands together (kind of like you were playing london bridges) to make a tunnel for the kids to run through. this was very new to all of us. ian and i had no idea what was going on and it was obvious our riley had never participated in this either. first the opposing team runs through your tunnel and you tell them all "good game" then your own kids team runs through your tunnel and you give them hi 5's and tell them the same. as ian and i are catching on to this new ritual we will be participating in riley is taking a little longer to understand the concept. she passed us right by but to every other parent (at least the 12 from our team) when she saw their hand held out to give her a hi 5 she instead extended her hand and gave them all a firm handshake and said, "thank you". everyone noticed and shook her hand back with a little giggle. ian and i couldn't help but laugh, i looked over at him and said, " we are so mormon right now" he agreed.


Natalie Simons said...

I love her. She is so stinking cute. And I love her uniform...very official looking.

Sarah said...

oh she's so cute!

eva said...

You taught her well! Madison's fourth grade teacher greeted all his students with a firm handshake. He taught them that a firm shake and a look in the eye says a lot about who you are. Riley is a cutie. Only she could pull that off. :)

Sarah said...

Buffy! Just found your blog. Funny story about Riley. She is so cute!