Wednesday, June 16, 2010


i feel 100% better tonight.

i have one less thing on my mind thanks to my boy.

i lost my wedding ring almost 4 weeks ago. i've said prayers, i've reassured people that ian really didn't take it this time like he did before to get a custom band made. i found lost it while i was not feeling well and had a long day. i apparently fell asleep on the couch and took it off while i was sleeping.

i've looked and looked and looked and stopped looking and then started again

ian found it after we pulled out the couch.

what relief!


Emily said...

That's happened to me before, and it was in the couch too! One of my friends lost hers, got a new one, and found it a couple YEARS later in the pocket of some jeans.

The Roberts' Report said...

HOLY FREAKIN' CRAP!! That's awesome!! Relief is an understatement!!