Wednesday, August 25, 2010

where did that come from?

peyton has being saying such random things lately but one we all keep repeating.

i have to preface this with letting you know that "fighting" is wrestling at the smith house and we do a lot of it.

peyte had a little face diamond jewel thing in her hand that she kept calling "magic".

"mom fight dad. he will die. i have magic"

riley told asked her baby sitter the other day "mallory what if i have a baby and it comes out a horse?"

i looked across the kitchen table last night and peyton was sitting there waiting for riley to be done with dinner playing with a "lamb" i heard her say with palm out and arm bent at a 90 degree angle "come here little lamb" then her had moved up and down slightly as if the lamb landed on her hand. she talked to it for a minute and then her hand bounced again when the "lamb" jumped off.

the other day i asked peyton why she sleeps with her whole face under her sheets and quilt, she told me it was so she could suck her thumb without us knowing. BUSTED!

riley came home from church sunday and said, "mom all of the big kids start school tomorrow. why can't i start" i explained that this will be her last year to ever miss the first day of school and that it is because of her birthday but assured her she would be in preschool. the next morning she walked down the stairs and over to ian and said "well dad i have another year before i start school" poor girl.

one of riley's favorite things to do right now is watch how to videos on you tube for applying your makeup to look like a princess. you think she would be a natural now for how many times she watches the same videos over and over again but for some reason every time she puts on her own makeup the brown eye shadow end up smeared down her cheeks and her eyes look like someone hit her. why?

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