Thursday, June 11, 2009

oh yeah baby!

and we're off! after months of talking, working, thinking, wondering, stressing, and spending the money to make it happen is up! we didn't realize it was actually working until yesterday. we still have some adjustments to make like showing a few more buttons for products we haven't gotten the pictures captured for yet (tu tu's, birthday sash, and caRe seat), but we're rolling with it anyway. why you may wonder do you need to have your site up. i'll tell you. 2 little mammas was picked to be featured in the july issue of, "Pregnancy and Newborn" magazine! both the baby bundle and let's do lunch bag, on 2 different pages! so we needed to have a site to put in the issue of where our products could be purchased.

so excited for the opportunities we've been given, so far!

i have also been asked to post pictures of riley's bed that i did last week. remember when i said that i really wanted a headboard for her bed? well i got a whole bed not just the headboard, i was wanting one with 4 small posts but wasn't having any luck. the day after blogging about it i found it, and it was exactly what i was looking for. you know the absolute best part? it was free off of craigslist! can you believe it? all i had to pay for was the gas to get there and a new roller for the paint brush. we had some left over paints in the garage i was able to mix myself for the perfect color and ta da! i love it, and so does she!


acwilliams said...

Congratulations! If you don't mind, I'll post that on my blog too. My friends seem like they are all having babies. Cute bed. I showed it to Clint and he said, "Is that really it? It looks like something out of a magazine." haha. Oh yeah, and those pictures I made. The images are from the Ikea website. There's probably something wrong with doing that now that I think of it.

Anna said...

VERY cute bed!!!! I'm going to look at your site right now....