Wednesday, September 19, 2007

a fresh start

Although I signed up for my account over a year ago I've been nervous to actually sit down and blog, it seems overwhelming to me. This is my fresh start, I am constantly looking at others blogs to see pictures etc.. I think this will be easy to keep up to date with everyone else and share the smith stories, day to day happenings etc... I'm hoping to use this as kind of an journal of some sort as my life as a Smith Mom of 2 beautiful girls and the wife of one very HANDSOME man! Here goes nothing!

6 short weeks ago we welcomed Peyton Sarah into our little family, she has been more healthy then we could have imagined so far, and we have loved every minute of having her with us. Riley has adjusted really well, and has been very good to/with her and excellent big sister! When we got to the hospital to deliver I realized that we didn't take one last picture of my belly in regular clothes so we hurry and did it there before I had to stay in bed. Better late then never.

One last picture of the Smith's as 3 Riley was overwhelmed and confused I think about what was going on that day.

Ian loves to snuggle his girls, I think this is by far his favorite way to sleep, he knows their safe.
Riley even cried when she cried, she wanted to be right next to her and make sure she was comfortable and safe.Grandma completly shared our joy in being able to have our little girl with us in our room instead of the NICU, it was an amazing day for all of us, the long wait was over and we were just enjoying our first moments with her.It was no nice to have Janna share our experience with us, what a good Aunt, it's nice to have others who love your kids too! I don't really know how to work the pictures yet but everyone was anxious to welcome Peyton into the family. We know that we were very blessed to have our little girl and have everything go so right with her in the hospital, what a beautiful miracle!

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