Saturday, September 29, 2007

riley's special day

so we made it, riley is officially 2! we were so excited for her birthday because all of her friends have already had theirs and she got it and wanted her own special day. it arrived! i wish that i wasn't sick for the day and could have had more energy to play with her on my own before ian got home but i just didn't.

riley has been asking for earrings for a couple of months now and so we decided it was time, and the perfect gift for her this year the story goes like this....
after she was offered the sucker everything was fine. by the time we made it to chucky cheese's she was completely happy again, after all she asked for them.
grandma always knows the perfect gifts for riley! my question is how she does it, we never event think of these things let alone know where to find gifts like a strawberry shortcake costume. can you tell what one is riley? yeah her smile isn't as natural as the real strawberry shortcake.. we're still working on it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY SWEET GIRL, WE LOVE YOU!


Chris said...

You guys did a great job of 'capturing the moment' for her ear-piercing! Great job!


Paige and Family said...

Theres no goin back now! Its official, shes a big girl!
That strawberry shortcake costume is awesome!!