Saturday, October 13, 2007

Peyton Sarah

i love my little baby girl! she is so different then riley it is fun to see, don't get me wrong not that i don't love and adore riley but you know it's nice that everyone has their own personality and that maybe, just maybe we will have a buffy looking child in this smith family, poor girl!

So how is Peyton different then riley you ask? she just hangs out a lot, she'll just look around and be happy, she smiles A LOT and talks a lot already, we rarely see a scowl on her face like riley permanently had & last but not least she cries a lot less! that makes for 2 very happy parents. as far as looks go, she's a quarter of Riley's' size and has a thin face.

This a picture of Peyton's' perspective, when she looks down. what a view!

i don't think we have any pictures of riley smiling as a baby, i love this one! this is what she typically looks like to me.

they're alike in these ways, she's a furry baby like riley, she right has a dimple in her chin, it's just bigger then riley's. she has her dad's toes like riley and she has no sign of having hair before her first birthday.

I always say the more furry the shoulder and back the better don't you?

I love these toes, they curl so perfectly.

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