Monday, January 28, 2008

with love from riley

riley has been begging me to do this all day. i told her that we could make a video to say hi to her friends after her nap. she agreed and then woke up 1 hour early and the first thing she asked was if it was time. she really misses her friends; so do i!
so to you, our friends mckay and jack, we wish we were with you... enjoy your movie, from us to you.
with love,
the smiths


Sarah said...

We just watched that four times. McKay kept saying, "again" after he would blow her back a kiss. My favorite line is, "Jack is my friend!" So cute. It's funny that she thinks of Barney at our house. McKay loved seeing her. Maybe we'll post a response. What a cute girl.

Sarah said...

By the way- I called you yesterday but you didn't answer. I just want to make sure you know that it's your turn!

Boyle Family said...

Hey Buffy,
I love your posts, I'm glad you guys are doing well. Riley is such a cutie and so grown up. How's your finger? What a night! We're all doing well. Erik is home from some business trips so that's really nice. Anyway, have a great day. ~Diana

John said...

i'm glad to see riley still remembers jack jack because he is always asking about her. hope all is well over there in texas. we miss you guys.