Sunday, September 21, 2008

i know i know

it's way past time for another blog. i don't know what's happened but i've let my life get out of control busy this summer and am trying to get back in my routine and let you guys know that i really am safe and still breathing. i am going to try to redeem myself starting today fallowed by tomorrow before some of us in the fam head out for a quick minute. so the next few blogs will be my the highlights of my summer, i know it's almost cold outside for some of you but school didn't start that long ago for us and it's still hot enough to be summer so i'm a little behind.

so my summer days were going along like this. wake up eat, take the girls running, time for petyon's first nap. after peyton woke up it would be a quick bite to eat at straight to the pool, pool time, lunch time, nap time for the girls. i'm telling i'm telling all of you that i showered 5 times a week at about 2:00 in the afternoon, gross but worth it. so by the time i got ready for the day and the house picked up and my make up on the girls would wake up and it would be time just enough time to start dinner before ian walked in the door.

this was some of our pool time with friends. sorry if you didn't want your picture posted but i'm doing it anyway.


everything was going along just like this until one day Ian and i were emailing back and forth while he was at work and then all of a sudden he stopped responding...i didn't think about it to much until i was taking out the trash and saw him pull up into the drive way with another women in the car, i couldn't believe that my husband had another women with him, WHAT WAS HE DOING? WHAT WAS GOING ON?

to be continued.


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Sarah said...

I was just about to stop checking your blog forever. Good thing you FINALLY posted! I feel like all is well in the world now.

I can't wait to hear the rest of the story. . .

Keri said...

i know what he was doing, but i'll play along..........that buster! with another woman!?!?! please tell us more! (thanks for the MUCH over due update, well part one anyway :))