Wednesday, January 13, 2010


it was a good day yesterday. it started at 7:30 when we (the girls and i. of course ian was already at work) woke up and started the day reading books in bed together. for breakfast we had mickey mouse pancakes. the girls watched t.v. while i got showered and ready then we all went up stairs to get the girls ready. we all watched their new princess sing a long d.v.d. they got from grandma for christmas and sang our hearts out to every princess song you can think of. next the girls went to my amazing friends house for a little while while i ran an errand, when i got back we hung out for a while before coming home for naps. after the girls woke up we made fruit smoothies to celebrate the warm weather we had then went outside to ride bikes. when the sun started to go down we came in bathed the girls and had dinner with the sister missionaries, finished their visit with a spiritual thought then all sat down as a family and watched american idol. the girls loved the show and even shared their musical "talents" with us. after the girls were down ian and i duked it out with some tennis, bowling and finished with me knocking him out boxing on the wii.

i need more of these days.


Sarah said...

what a perfect day. here's my problem- i am either really productive and not spending quality time with my kids, or i spend a wonderful day playing without getting anything done. either way i feel like something's missing.

peyton looks like riley in those pictures. cute girls.

Natalie Simons said...

I love the picture of Peytie licking her lips. So cute. What a great day!!

The Roberts' Report said...

How come I never look that cute with a mile mustache?