Wednesday, February 10, 2010

a perfect little heart...

peyte had an unfortunate fall the other week. the first time we've had a fall or anything other then being cut open on purpose for surgery that required a band aid. pretty impressive huh? especially with how adventurous peyton is.

like i said, a sad fall but one festive scab if i've ever seen one! sorry if it makes you queasy but i had to share, i've never seen anything like it. she now has a cute little red spot on her knee in that same perfect little heart shape.

happy v-day!


Angel said...

poor little peanut - that is the most adorable little scrape though. Tell Peyte that I have a heart shaped freckle on my knee and so now we are soul sisters!

Side note: I remember changing Peyton's diaper like a 1,000 years ago and she was a squirmy little nut and almost went naked because I couldn't get her to sit still for a second. I was thinking how in the heck does Buffy do this? I want you to know that The Dude is also a squirmy nut who takes pleasure in my frustration and thinks it is hysterical that i chase after his naked bum with a diaper. How did you do it?!

Miss you!


Keri said...

that's grose and yet DARLING! kinda hope it scars, ok that's weird - but a scar in the shape of a heart...... who has one?!?!?! hopefully our lil pety will :) happy v day to you! i'm crossin my fingers for a frosty! wish me luck :)hope you get something fabulous also!