Saturday, June 14, 2008

who would've thunk?

(keri and spencer this post is for you!)
so i finally talked riley into letting me curl her hair. she has been so hesitant but once she saw the final product she was amazed! she kept going back into the bathroom every 2 minutes to look at herself in the mirror she had a huge smile on her face ALL DAY!!!

i had a big smile on my face all day too but for a different reason. why you ask not because she was obsessed with looking in the mirror, not because she couldn't wipe that smile off of her face but because she looks just like Pam from the office with her hair curled. don't you think?


The Forney Four said...

Hilarious!! Oh she's such a dolly!

Angel said...

oh I love the sad i didn't notice on Sunday but in my defense I was kinda busy!

Really, cute hair do ri ri can't wait to see it and go nuts for your cute little face. See you at the pool!

Keri said...

that's so awesome!!!!! we talked about getting gifts for the girls when we come visit maybe we'll get little pam a sketch pad and some paints :) or perhaps a pratical new stapler. i can't wait to see mini pam in just 2.5 weeks. YEAH!!!!!!!

reynoldsrap said...

Wow she looks so big with her hair all cute like that. glad you are all doing well!