Tuesday, February 17, 2009

since when?

since when does my little toddler not look much like a toddler anymore? since when does riley know all about white meat and women's under garments? it's all happening so fast!

last week while i was getting dressed. riley walked right up to me and inspected the bra i was putting on.

ri: mom i like the dots on your overalls, they're so cute.

i just want to make it clear that it wasn't overalls she was talking about. i don't wear overalls.


on v-day when i was gone ALL day ian took the girls out from some fine dinning at wendy's.

ian: riley what do you want to eat?
ri: um i want chicken mcnuggets with all white meat.


Sarah said...

her hair! it's so long. she is getting so big! i miss that little girl.

HaleyandGabe said...

that is too cute and funny! I can't wait until Bostyn starts saying funny stuff!!

jojo said...

Buffy, I almost didn't recognize Riley, she looks like a grown-up. She's a beauty but I bet it makes you a little sad at the same time. What a lucky girl to have such great hair at such an early age. We should chat soon.

reynoldsrap said...

Oh! Wow! Riley could start modeling or something with those big beautiful eyes! Glad to see you guys are doing well.


Keri said...

EXCUSE ME!?!?!?! Ri looks like a dang Tween! wha happen? she IS so grown up - and not to mention Beautiful! love her!

Flinders Family said...

Riley really does look so grown up! I almost didn't recognize her! When are you coming to visit???

eva said...

She is a little miss. Don and I love to watch her facial expressions. Sometimes you wonder what's she always thinking about. She's a doll!

eva said...
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