Tuesday, August 25, 2009

always thinking

riley decided a while ago that she is going to marry her friend jack jack when she grows up. all bedtime stories must end what a couple getting married in the temple and having kids, "just like me and jack jack mom".

riley and i quietly sat by each other while she was eating crackers and out of the blue she said...... "mom when i'm a grown up you and dad will sleep in your bed, peyton will sleep in her bed, but where will jack jack and i sleep? oh i know mom jack jack and i will sleep right next to you guys in your bed."

"so are you going to have your bed right next to ours ri?"

"no mom we can't because my bed doesn't have 2 big pillows like your bed, it only has one, so my kid will sleep in my bed and jack jack and i will just sleep right by you guys"

that's one crowded master bedroom isn't it? why doesn't she want to take the guest room?


shannyn said...

that is the greatest. i'm sure jack will love to be in the room with you and ian because he is being a terd and keeps coming to sleep on the floor in our room. he claims he is scared. i love that riley girl.

The Roberts' Report said...

That's way cute! Although if any time is a good time to stop letting your kids sleep in your bed, now would be a good one! ;) Man...that girl is creative!!

Sarah Sunshine said...

LOVE this story!!!

i miss you guys!

let's plan on something not this week but next. sept 18th or 19th?

Life in the Oliver Lane! said...

Wow Buff, dosen't it just make you want to visit mom and dad so you and Ian can climb into bed with them just to try it out? He He He! I am sure she will come up with a diffrent arangement in a few short years, thank heavens.
I love you ri ri.