Monday, December 31, 2007

"i am a child of god"

riley is a child of god and she knows it, well at least we are trying to teach this to her anyway. we are getting to the really fun stages now, although i've felt like that for the past year it always seems to be getting more fun with her. we sing to riley every night before bed & for a while now she's been singing with us & i love it; one of her favorite songs is "i am a child of god" but of course she won't sing when other people are around so i had to record it for people to see.

another thing riley has been doing lately is saying prayers she starts with, "dear heavenly father and thank you dat, and thank you dat, and please dat, and um please dat......" i'm not leaving anything out from her prayers she doesn't usually actually ask for anything or actually thank for anything but i will list some of the things that she actually has prayed for, i must note that she doesn't ask heavenly father for what she wants just once it's typically at least 5-6 times in a row, over and over and over and over.... ian and i typically look up at each other and the first time kind of giggle, the second time we roll our eyes and shrug our shoulders because we don't know when she'll stop. typically the third time that ian and i look up at each other one of us will offer assistance and to this riley says, "i'm tryin my hardest okay!" and will continue to plead for her request. the list is as follows with no spelling errors it is what she really says:

1)and please dat bum (ben sarah's husband)

2)and thank you dat baby blake (keri & spencer's baby)

3)and please dat keri and spencers

4)and please dat duba (little einsteins) and strawberry shortcake and yo gabba gabba and doodlebops.

5)and please dat santa bring me a baby.

6)and please dat one horse open slay (yep jingle bells)

and last but defiantly not least!

7)please dat present hinckley,

(when i tried to explain that the prophets name in president hinckley she got upset and said, 'no santa wants to bring me a present not hinckley!' i'm glad she still prays for him even though she was a little threatened by the thought of having him take away some of her glad tidings on christmas morning.)


John said...

Ok that made me really miss you guys. I'm really hoping you guys are planning a visit out here some time soon

Sarah said...

That is the cutest thing I've ever seen. I can't believe how clear she sings the words. I'm impressed! What a cutie. I miss that girl.

Flinders Family said...

That is way too cute. She seems so grown up and you've only been gone a couple of months! We sure miss you guys...we don't have much of a little "click" anymore and it's so sad!
ps. love the dress : )

Mari said...

Buffy, Riley sounds like a lot of fun. I know Mateo who is Riley's same age is is a wonderful phase. I hope I can see you soon and meet your girls. We are not that far. Maybe you could come and visit as well.


Cassie said...

She's SO cute! Cam just started saying prayers and it goes "thank you for grampy and grammy and skid steers, backhoes with outriggers down." Yeah pretty sure Riley's aheade of him!

FoSHO said...

yo yo yo,

where you guys at? and whatcha doin? It was good to hear from you, cute girls.