Tuesday, December 18, 2007

my smith girls

so you want to see the girls, here they are.

one of my favorite stages to take pictures of our girls is when the like being on their tummy and hang out on their elbows, so easy to capture them i think. that's our peyton, she had to go into the dr. last week because she was wheezing, a bad sign especially for her, and we found out she has r.s.v. she's amazing she has still been so happy and smiling through the whole thing!

okay so it's not the best picture with santa but at least we documented the occasion, i guess ward santa's aren't used to posing themselves and the baby for the camera. i think he was having to much fun talking to her instead.

yeah, remember how peyton looked fine being with santa especially just being able to hold on to his facial hair, well this is rileys attempt and telling santa what she wanted for christmas. ian and i knew for sure this wouldn't work at the mall so we thought the ward christmas party, you know a little more quiet, intimate.... well that didn't work either. if it's a male and not her daddy she is not having it!

it was emily's 23rd b-day on sunday and riley was dying to take a picture with her aunt, i really think she just wanted an excuse to get some snuggles from the birthday girl.

(p.s. that nasty mess rileys is holding on to is strawberry shortcake, who would have guessed?)

so there are our girls, they are keeping me busy and challenging me often, and for that i am grateful.


Audrey said...

Your girls are adorable!! Ok so your house looks FANTASTIC! I esp. like what you did to the kitchen....great work team!
Are ya missing the snow up here or are ya loving Tex too much?
How close are you to Dallas? I have a cousin that lives there.... Well, Merry Christmas Ian, Buffy, Riley, and Peyton!

Cassie said...

Yeah!!! I am so glad you are part of the bloggin world! Peyton is getting so big! Your house is really pretty! I can't wait to see pictures when everythings all done. Keep the posts coming!