Wednesday, November 12, 2008

not once but twice...

the abney's have been out to visit us since we've been here. not twice in the past 12 months, not twice in the past six months, twice in 3 months! can you believe it? we couldn't! we loved having them both times. they are so fun to have and we miss them so much; we were thrilled when we got the news they were coming for a second time!

we love these guys. it's so nice to have a couple that we both get along with so well. now that they have Blake it's so nice that the kids all play together so well.

it's funny to think now that we were such good friends with keri before we got married and then we moved and didn't meet spencer until we came back from texas and were married, so it had been more than 3 years hearing about this guy but not ever meeting him. ian and i were nervous the first time we went to hang out with keri and spencer wondering if we would like him or if it would be weird because we had a kid. as soon as we meet him and saw keri again it's like we didn't skip a beat. spencer was just like us. we've been laughing, laughing, and laughing some more together and then letting the boys talk sports while keri and i sneak off to do girl things (pedi's, shopping, gabbing) ever since.

to sum up the abney's first trip i will say that we: laughed, toured the BIG D,laughed, shopped, laughed, watched the olympic trials, laughed, and ate way to much.

found this boy LOVING the water fountains when we went to the harbor, nice.

our dirty rotten kids after a FULL day of shopping. i'm talking 8 hours.

enjoying food.

spencer was so hungry at the arboretum he opted to share ri's fruit snacks.

the abney's had never had a kolache before. they say their pigs in a blanket but they're so not. it's cheese filled sausage wrapped in dough that is served for breakfast. yummy!

yeah that's right we got matching shirts!

visit #2 went like this. eating, laughing, sports, eating, walking. why all of the walking? why the state fair of course!

not that we don't love our kids but... so nice to go out without them. the sad

at the fair we first started at the AMAZING petting zoo! there were giraffes, baby kangaroos, goats with 4 horns, zebras. if it was cool it was there!

yum, yum! nothing like a 1200 lbs. pig to get you going on your eating adventure for the day! i thought its ear was a growth at first, oops!

our first eating stop was the chicken fried bacon. yup this is what it looks like, there is bacon under there. it was gross even when dipped in ranch or honey mustard sauce.

next on the list for all you cowboy fans... why meetting the cheerleaders of course! i think they know some really good surgeons.

riley's favorite part!

ian and spencer's favorite part, the fried goodness. this was the fried snickers. they also ate corn dogs, red beans and rice, ice cream, fried smores, soda, hot dogs, aligator kabob things, cotton candy...

the smith's took a break from all of the fried tasties for an apple, the abney's enjoyed some healthy corn.

next there were dog shows, pig races, a night light parade, laser show and then last but not LEAST we stayed all day to see....

i know you can't see and we only stayed for about 5 seconds but what would a texas state fair be without first seeing tony romo followed by his girl jessica all i could get were the people in front but i'm telling you she was there. and she didn't sound good.

to make the trip complete we went to on of our favorite dining places, texas road house. we miss going every other weekend with these guys. not only did we like it but peyteon and blake entertained everyone around us, fun for all!

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Keri said...

man reading about it makes me want to come back -- -maybe february?! JOKING!!! you know the real plan is to meet up in sunny san diego, get on board you two it's going to happen!